Interning at Two Sigma

Spend the summer working in a creative and hands-on environment that gives you the freedom to innovate, explore, and dig into unique and complex challenges.

Our Interns

While our interns come from all degree levels and a wide range of backgrounds, they are united by their intellectual curiosity, passion for math, science and technology, and desire to do impactful work.

Top recruited majors include: Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, and Statistics.

In addition to our technical internships, we also have internship opportunities in other areas of Two Sigma, including our business development, strategy, human resources, and legal teams.

Our Internships

We welcome interns across broad disciplines and provide shared programming for a uniquely Two Sigma experience.

Sample Projects

As a Two Sigma intern, you’ll be matched with a specific team, and you will own a project for the summer. Don’t worry—your teammates will be working alongside you and are there to help you along the way.

Life At Two Sigma

We pride ourselves on hiring creative and intellectually curious minds who are driven by the desire to solve challenging problems that will disrupt the industry standards.

There’s no sense of ‘this is too difficult for someone to solve.’ You will solve the problem or find someone to help you do it.

— Engineering Employee

I love the fact that I know my project will have impact, and that someone’s going to take over it and use it even after I leave the internship program. People at Two Sigma care about what others are working on. If you want to join a project you can just jump on it, and your manager will be supportive and say, “Sure go ahead and be awesome.”

— Two Sigma Intern

My worry was competitiveness. Cut-throat culture is a stereotype that comes with being in the finance industry, but at Two Sigma it’s actually very different.

— Two Sigma Intern

We deeply value our people and we invest in them; we invest in their career.

— Quantitative Research Leader

I wanted to find a company with a culture driven by scientists, engineers and researchers who believed in the work they were doing. Two Sigma is that kind of company.

— Two Sigma Intern

My favorite part of my job is when I see a problem, I dig in, fix something, and I can see the impact right away.

— Engineering Employee

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